Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a rock chip repair can be accomplished or if I need a new windshield?

Generally, rock chips that are smaller than a quarter can be repaired however consideration should be given to the number of chips in the windshield. The more rock chips that need to be repaired, the higher the potential that one will crack during repair.

Where can I find MCA Autoglass?

MCA Autoglass provides Mobile service to the greater Phoenix area. Our service area spans from Apache Junction and Maricopa all the way to Wittman, Anthem and Tolleson and everywhere in between.

Do you accept Insurance?

Yes, we do! Not only do we accept all insurance, but we are also a preferred shop. This means your insurance company recognizes the certifications we hold, the quality of service we provide, and they stand behind our warranty.

How much does it cost to get an estimate on my needed auto glass repair?

Estimates are free! Every piece of glass on a vehicle has its own unique price therefore it’s best to contact us for an accurate quote.

Why should I choose MCA for my repair/replacement?

Quality and customer service are our specialty. We have over 20 years in the Arizona auto glass industry and it shows in our work. We ensure your safety by only using quality products, adhering to Auto Glass safety requirements and providing a lifetime warranty.

How much does it cost for a replacement?

Costs vary by year, make and model of the vehicle as well as the piece of glass that needs to be replaced. To ensure an accurate quote, please contact us.

Do you warranty your work?

Yes! We pride ourselves on quality and always ensure your job is done to the highest standards. Sometimes things happen that are unforeseen such as a stress crack in the glass. If this happens, we have got you covered! MCA Autoglass offers a LIFETIME warranty on workmanship and quality of glass. This means if a warranty issue arises, we will fix/repair the issue for free!

Does my windshield really protect me?

Your windshield is part of the important safety structure of your vehicle. Not only does it provide UVA and UVB protection, but it provides up to 45% of the structural support of the cab of your vehicle. It helps prevent the cab from crushing in during an accident as well as helps prevent the collapse of the sides of the vehicle. This is why MCA Autoglass only uses top quality glass for your protection.

What is OEM glass?

OEM glass is the glass used in your vehicle from the factory. 

How long will a replacement take?

Replacements are done around your schedule and it’s not necessary for you to be there the whole time. Generally, a replacement takes between 30-60 minutes. Sometimes, it can take longer depending upon the vehicle and other factors, but most are very quick.

What services do you provide?

MCA Autoglass provides repair and replacement services. All glass you look through on your car/truck is the glass we work with. We do not offer tint services directly however, we do partner with a great, quality tint company for your convenience. 

How soon after replacement can I wash my car/truck?

To ensure appropriate adherence of the adhesive, the vehicle should not be washed for 2 days after replacement is completed.

How do I know if it was done right?

The only way to truly know if a replacement is done correctly is to take it apart. To ensure your replacement is done right, always choose a company that is AGSC certified, maintains business insurance, has ample experience and does not use subcontractors to complete their work.

Why is there such a big difference in cash prices?

As with any industry, quality of work and products used vary which factors into the cost differences. MCA Autoglass only uses new, quality glass for all jobs. Additionally, because we care about your safety, we ensure all correct products, adhesives and safety protocols are taken on each and every job. 

Will my rates go up with an auto glass replacement claim?

In Arizona, zero deductible auto glass coverage is available due to the frequency to which auto glass is damaged from rocks on the road. Insurance companies understand replacements are needed often in our desert landscape and should not increase premiums due to auto glass claims. Most insurance companies allow up to 2 auto glass replacement claims per year, per vehicle. If ever in doubt, we always recommend asking your insurance agent.

How can some companies afford to waive my deductible or give me free dinners and still do quality work?

The honest answer is, they can’t. Insurance companies pay auto glass shops a flat rate on the work regardless of what shop does the work. The profit margin does not generally accommodate “incentives” to be offered to the customer. To provide these perks, often times these auto glass shops will commit insurance fraud, cut corners, or use unqualified workers to complete your replacement. This not only poses a safety concern for you and your family but also contributes to increased premiums and major changes affecting the insurance industry. 

How soon can I drive after replacement?

MCA Autoglass uses top quality products to ensure you are on the road as quick as possible. Once your replacement is completed, we ask that the vehicle remain still for 1 hour. After that driving is ok.

What is the consumer right to choose?

Arizona allows consumers to choose which company completes their work when it comes to their vehicle glass needs. This means you choose who does your work, not your insurance company. In fact, any recommendations provided by your insurance company are actually a Third Party Administrator (TPA) and not a requirement to use. 

What is a TPA (Third Party Administrator)?

When you call your insurance company to file a claim, you are generally not speaking with an insurance agent but rather a Third-Party Administrator (TPA). These TPAs are actually major auto glass distributors/companies aimed at directing work to their specific business. 

Why do I have to recalibrate the camera on my vehicle?

The cameras on your vehicle are highly sensitive to ensure accuracy for their purpose. When a windshield is replaced, the camera system is temporarily disabled to remove the old windshield and install the new one. Once the camera system is reconnected, it must be recalibrated to regain the accuracy needed to perform correctly.

Can you just replace the windshield and NOT do the recalibration?

Arizona State Law requires all auto glass companies to advise customers of the recalibration needed after a windshield replacement. You may find less reputable companies who are willing to skip this required service however, it is at the detriment to the vehicle safety. MCA Autoglass values not only your business but your safety too. This is why we will ALWAYS complete the recalibration as needed.

What type of vehicles do you work with?

MCA Autoglass works with all passenger vehicles including cars, trucks, and vans. The only vehicles we do not work with are Big Rigs/Tractor Trailers or Motor homes.

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